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Dear Chair-Pak Patrons, we have recently lost our manufacturer of many years and unfortunately we will not have Chair-Pak’s for sale once our very limited supply runs out. We apologies for this news and inconvenience and THANK ALL our Chair-Pak customers for the many years of your continued support.

Chair-Pak is the only backpack chair on the market which combines a full size, feature rich backpack & comfortable lightweight chair.

Chair-Pak is the perfect size & weight for superior mobility and comfort, about the size of your back and height of a regular chair.

No other backpack chair on the market comes close, see our testimonials & search the web, you will be completely satisfied.

Chair-Pak FPV takes the versatility of Chair-Pak and adds the efficiency of a purpose-built FPV carry and protection system.

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Chair-Pak offers a 30 day money back guarantee and an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. All pricing is in USD, prices may change at anytime.

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