Welcome to Chair-Pak Concept Corner.

This is where we share details about potential product ideas expanding Chair-Pak’s usefulness outdoors. Our goal is to get valued feedback from you through  comments. The more positive the feedback along with the number followers we have, the best chance the add-on gets to make it into our production cycle and finally available to you.

We are looking for 50+ followers (emails) per add-on to move forward with that feature. Once we achieve this goal we will finish the work needed to get that Chair-Pak add-on to you and on the market.

Putting your name on our lists guarantees progress updates, also you will be the first to know when the add-on is available for purchase as there will be a limited amount produced and may go fast.

Thank you for your participation.

All Chair-Pak products & concepts are patented or patent pending worldwide.

Solar Charger add-on

Chair-Pak Solar Charger
The Chair-Pak Solar Charger concept enhances the user outdoor experience by easily attaching a lightweight compact high powered solar panel system complete with battery bank for storing up to 4 hours of charge. It’s current configuration is able to charge up to 2 of your favorite devices at a single...
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Chair-Pak FPV Drone Pak Insert

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Chair-Pak FPV Drone Pak
Chair-Pak’s FPV Drone Pak add-on If you haven’t already heard about FPV (or “first person view”) drone racing you soon will. Drone hobbyists around the globe are rapidly increasing in number and have recently begun holding competitions for this exciting hobby. In fact, ESPN has just picked it up...
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Sun Shade add-on

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Chair-Pak Sun Shade
Chair-Pak Sun Shade concept Sitting to watch a ball game or enjoying the sunny beach is great fun but the sun can have a major impact on your enjoyment if too hot or glaring. The Sun Shade concept is really not a new one but this particular concept integrates...
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