Chair-Pak’s maximum weight limit is currently 220 pounds at full upright Chair position.

Chair-Pak is unique compared to other products you may have seen or used available on the market.

Following are our views and our customer surveyed views on Chair-Pak’s advantages.

  1. Chair-Pak is a true backpack chair combination product.

    What this means is: Chair-Pak was designed to mimic the size and functionality of a real backpack (or daypack) first, then second quickly transform into a comfortable adjustable chair. Because of these design constraints Chair-Pak evolved into an outdoor product which streamlined its size for both wear & relaxation, allowing it to be much more efficient for mobility.

    The other products on the market predomenently the pouch bag lawn chair from what we can tell started first with a lawn chair and then added a pouch bag to the back. The design comparisons are completely opposite and evident when side by side. Chair-Pak is more of a mobile, on-the-go recreational product used for many types of outdoor activities, where the comparatives are used widely for beach and park settings.

  2. Size and Shape. 

    Because our design intent was to adhere to about the same size of a typical backpack on the market, when wearing Chair-Pak users can walk effortlessly between cars, through restaurants, through crowds, in and out of tight places with ease and no worries of collision. Chair-Pak is about the same size as your back, much unlike the others. And for you travelers, Chair-Pak can actually fit in an overhead bin on an airplane. 

    When sitting in Chair-Pak comparatively the seat height is roughly 5” higher providing a more enjoyable sitting down and getting up experience. 

    Chair-Pak vs lawn chair/pouch facts:
    * Length: 23” vs 28” – Chair-Pak is a comfortable 5” less in vertical length (height) in backpack form!
    * Width: 18” vs 24” – Chair-Pak is an incredible 6” less in width! No more hitting car mirrors in parking lots.
    * Area: 414” vs 672” – Chair-Pak is an amazing 1/3 less the area on your back when worn!
    * Seat Height: 15” vs 10” – Having an extra 5 inches higher off the ground to work with really helps your knees!
    * # Compartments: 4 vs 1 – Much more amenities can be grouped and sorted with more compartments!
    * Backpack Volume: 2504cu/in vs 1124cu/in – Over twice as much volume of items can be stuffed into Chair-Pak! 

    Even with it’s smaller size advantages Chair-Pak can carry much more for longer durations and is still completely comfortoble for all users when relaxing in because of its design!

  3. Weight and Materials. 

    Chair-Pak was engineered to be as close to weightlessness as possible when worn on your back with nothing in it. The inventor, also an avid outdoor enthusiast understood more amenities could be packed for longer duration if the design followed this principle. To accomplish this, an engineered high-grade aluminum frame system was developed to be able to withstand the weight of a large 230 LB athlete. This with other backpacking grade components allowed Chair-Pak to achieve its incredible lightweight and rugged strength balance. 

    Chair-Pak vs lawn chair/pouch facts: 
    * Weight: 7 LB vs 11LB – 4 pounds lighter doesn’t sound all that much, but when wearing 4 more pounds or lifting it with additional heavy amenities in your pack starts to affect you, you can really feel the extra weight on your back.

  4. Functionality.

    Gravity is all around us and Chair-Pak was designed to use the force of gravity to help you open it. Because of this Chair-Pak can be taken off the back and transformed into a chair within seconds. Of course you will have to fight gravity when transforming to backpack again but at least you will be rested from sitting on Chair-Pak. And it still only takes a few additional seconds. 

    Chair-Pak uses a 600LB CAM buckle/strap system right under the seat for easily adjusting seating positions from sitting up to lounging. 

    All frame to frame voids/gaps on Chair-Pak have been optimized to either comfortably support the user via padded bracing or pockets to store additional items. This efficiently optimizes the whole product experience for you on your outdoor adventures.

Where do you want to sit today?

On a Chair-Pak!

Comparison calculations were based on the average size/weight and volume of 2 leading pouch/chair combination products. Pack volume was calculated based on the average of 3 circumference measurements (C) and the following equation: C/Pi=D; D/2=R; R*R*Pi=cS; cS*L=V cu/in; (D=diameter, R=radius, cR=Cross Section, L=length, V=Volume)

Chair-Pak out of the box weighs a little less than 7 pounds with nothing in its pockets or compartments (includes the soft cooler).

Unfolding from backpack to chair and folding up from chair to backpack again is easy. No other backpack chairs are as convenient to use as Chair-Pak.

Chair-Pak, one of a kind backpack/camping chair

Backpack to Chair

  1. While holding top handle loop, pull shoulder straps back.
  2. Either lift up on the elastic band or unlock parachute clip or both depending on which is used & let gravity drop the legs out, place on a stable surface and relax.

Chair to Backpack

  1. Pick up Chair-Pak by top loop handle, lift up and forward on the very back leg and secure with elastic band or parachute clip.
  2. Pull shoulder straps back and place on your back.

Chair-Pak’s compartments combined volume can hold an abundance of amenities with its 2504cu/in capacity. Chair-Pak’s pack area is more than most backpack/daypack products on the market, and over twice as large as other lawn chair/pouch products on the market.

We researched Chair-Pak’s volume by calculating its average circumference of (43″ C ) and multiplying it by its total length 17″ L)!

For more detailed volume calculation information please contact us.

With an engineered extended back leg and without someone sitting on it, we have tested Chair-Pak to hold between 30 & 40 pounds in its backpack before it loses balance on a level surface. The maximum weight limit depends on the size, shape and volume of the articles put in the backpack.

Currently Chair-Pak Company does not use the retail store sales model to sell Chair-Pak.

Care & Maintenance:

Because Chair-Pak is an outdoor product and can be used in almost any environment we created it to be taken apart for cleaning and maintenance. As some of our customers have stated, Chair-Pak can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

During regular wear or over time you may need to adjust or tighten the cross bracing materials which span between frame tubes and use Velcro as a connection. To tighten just unfasten Velcro, pull both ends tight together and connect starting from middle working to sides.

The following components may be removed and reassembled again for cleaning (Note: It is easier to remove Chair-Pak components in chair form):

  • The Backpack
    • The backpack is connected to the frame by 4 heavy duty snaps at the corners. To remove, in chair form lay forward the backrest frame of Chair-Pak to rest on the seat.
    • Unzip the backpack compartment closest to the frame to locate the 4 snaps.
    • At the backpack bottom unfasten the Velcro and reach in with one hand, locate the snap and use your finger nail to disconnect snap cap from snap base. Use gentle force to not pull the snap from the material it is connected to.
    • Gently pull off backpack from frame. (Note: Snap cap and base may collide and restrict you from removing backpack initially, maneuver around this.)
    • To reassemble, slide on backpack to frame. Line up snap caps to snap bases at each corner, gently snap together. Refasten the Velcro at the bottom of the backpack. (Note: It is recommended when refastening the Velcro to refastening it with no overhang from backpack. Overhang will restrict the chair from rolling out.
  • The Frames – All frames may be disassembled and reassembled using the clevis pins and O rings.
    Seat – The front of the seat with CAM buckle cannot be disconnected from this frame but the back portion of the seat which bends around the back frame can be removed. To do this simply hold down the CAM buckle button and feed the CAM buckle strap all the way through. To reassemble reverse the process. Pull strap back to normal sitting position.

Chair-Pak Company or affiliates are not responsible for any disassembly, reassembly, cleaning, caring or maintenance or anything that which may happen from stated causes and effects.

User Guidelines & Disclaimer:

Single person usage at a time; Do not use on slick or unstable surfaces; Use in a safe & sane manner; Do not adjust sitting levels while sitting on; Do not stand, jump or bounce on; Do not use without all components in place; Keep fingers away from moving parts; Max. sitting weight 230 LBS; Chair-Pak Company LLC or Affiliates are NOT responsible for ANY injury or misuse; failure to follow guidelines may result in serious injury