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I received my Chair Pak today and I love it! I can’t wait to use it at the concert. It’s the perfect size and I love that it’s adjustable. Awesome job and I will definitely be promoting it to my friends. It will also be a permanent fix in my van for trips to the beach or the park. Pictures will come in a few months from the concert! Again, great chair/backpack combo!

- Mia, Goldsboro, NC

I have used my Chairpak for well over 10 years now and it is the best!! I coach soccer for all 4 of my kids, so it gets a lot of use. I have a bad back, and this chair is much more comfortable than any other out there, plus I can hold team snacks, etc., in the pack. Best piece of sports equipment I have ever bought!

- Eric, Dallas TX

I purchased two chairpaks recently to use at a 3 day ‘Womad’ music festival. Ordered them on the net from New zealand and they arrived in about 3 days. Great service & a great product that was ideal for a music festival where we moved from stage to stage. They were much admired so hopefully you will get some N.Z. sales.

- Carol, New Zealand

I bought my first Chair-Pak almost ten years ago. I have used it so much that I needed to make major repairs to it. About a year ago I emailed you about buying a new one. When I received your email last month notifying me that the new ones were ready, I immediately placed an order for a new one. Based on my experience with your product, two members of my family and my best friend also placed orders. We received our merchandise in less then a week. We have used them on fishing trips and working in the forest.

In comparing the new chair with the original model I noticed that there have been significant engineering improvements. I am happy with the new changes you have made, but I have no intention of retiring my old Chair-Pak.

- Sean-Paul, CA

WOW! This has got to be the most convenient backpack chair for fishing ever! I do alot of stop and go on the lake that I fish at. This product is perfect for it! I just drop the chair, fish a little and then move on. The backpack portion was not big enough to fit my large tackle what i did was buy 2 of the flat clear boxs and I put all my stuff in there and now its perfect! I also fit in my plyers, glasses, bug spray everything! My friends are all going to be buying them asap!

- Lance, New Jersey

My chair-pak arrived yesterday…. YAY! I`m very pleased with your product, it`s all I`d hoped for in regards to clever design and build quality. Sure, when postage costs to Austrailia are taken into account this is an expensive unit, but I intend to get a lot of use out of it for both fishing trips and outdoor events.

Thanks for your customer care in this transaction.

- James, Victoria Austrailia

I took the Chair-Pak on a long hunt over the weekend. It was a situation where I sat for the first half of the hunt and then hiked around a mountain to get to another location for a deer drive. The pack worked extremely well! I even was able to secure an extra jacket and sweatshirt to the pack sandwiched in between the crossbars/legs which was very important to me.

Chair-Pak is the epitome of a 2 in 1 product for hunters. As the name suggests, it is a pack that quickly folds into a chair. No longer do you have to carry a seat/folding chair as well as your pack into the deer woods. Originally I thought that it would take some getting used to in order to figure out how the chair folds/unfolds in order to strap to my back. I was wrong! There really is only one way it logically folds/unfolds and it is quite simple to use, even when the pack pockets are filled with gear. As one might surmise, this product has other uses besides hunting. From fishing, to camping, to sitting on the sidelines at your child’s games, the Chair Pak comes through as a useful and durable product.

- Dale, NY

Chair-Pak fits my needs perfectly. Order arrived earlier than expected. As the other reviewer stated, there is plenty of room. I purchased this specifically for fishing. At some fishing holes here in southern cali, sometimes you need to rush your gear to get the good spot. This saves me from having to carry a chair and cooler. One trip from car to spot. Chair-Pak on back, rods in hand.

- Ruben, San Bernardino CA

I purchased 2 Chair-Paks for my wife and I to go deer hunting in Michigan. We were able to bring enough gear in the packs to go back in a swampy area, having to build a make shift log bridge to cross a stream. The fabric held up very well against the thick brush.

We like the low profile of the Chair-Pak as we did not sit in a blind. I actually shot my prize while wearing the pack on our way back out, and it did not interfere with my rifle. Chair-Pak was the perfect size for a quick day trip of hunting. I liked it so much I purchased 4 more for the hunters in our family as Christmas presents.

- David, Flint MI

I just wanted to let you know I Love my Chair-Pak. I could sell at least 20 here and postage wasn’t so big to get it to Austrailia. Envy of everyone, I use it for Netball carnivals as I am a coach of representative teams, I have balls to carry and a bag and a chair. Chair-Pak allows me to pack everything in the backpack sling it over my shoulder and have the chair attached. Has made my life Easier and I have had so many comments last week and that was the first time I used it. I wish I was in a position to distribute it for you here.

- Debbie, Thornton NSA Australia

I wanted to thank you very much for designing such a useful device. I vacation on an island every summer which has many hiking trails. I have recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and have some difficulty walking for long distances or time periods. Thanks to you, I was able to go on my vacation this year, knowing I could stop and sit whenever I needed to. The pak was balanced and light enough for me to carry, even with my moderate instability issues and it was so helpful to just open it up and sit down wherever and whenever I wanted.

- Sarah, New Haven CT

We got your product right before the weekend and could not wait to try it out. My wife and I go on a few hiking trips this time of year and have been looking for a compact lightweight backpack type of chair product for very long time. We are getting up there in age and since we hike for hours on the trails there is never a good place to sit and rest. Chair-Pak was the answer and worked out marvelous for us, we were the envy of everyone on the trails. It was wonderful to have easy access my lunch and a place rest my bones. Good Job!

- Dave, Joliet IL

Pier Fishing at Vilano Beach Florida. I had originally planned on fishing the surf but was too ruff and decided on the pier. Fishing was slow but the Chair-Pak worked great. Held all my equipment. The chair was smaller than I expected but was comfortable with a lot of support. Look forward to trying on the sand.

- Rich Laird

This small but perfectly sized, lite weight, and versatile chair from Chair-pak is a keeper. It quickly folds and unfolds in a snap and doubles as a backpack. The customer service at Chair-pak is excellent. They will respond quickly with any questions or concerns. Was happy to make the purchase.

- Barry Apple Valley, CA