Pack, Travel, Relax… Chair-Pak!

Chair-Pak combines a fully functioning backpack and comfortable, convenient chair into one amazing product!

Chair-Pak is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, soccer moms and hunters! Regardless of your outdoor activity (hiking, biking, going to the beach, enjoying outdoor festivals and sporting events, fishing and hunting), Chair-Pak has a convenient, portable solution for you.


Chair-Pak began with an idea when creator Les Ammann witnessed a bicycle crash which was caused because the riders were trying to carry bags and folding chairs to the beach. Les, an engineer by trade, decided there must be a way to combine a backpack and chair and be safe and mobile, so he went to work.

He bought some PVC pipe and a backpack, and began developing the logistics for the perfect backpack chair, including how high to make the seat, how to mount the chair on the backpack, and how to make the chair adjustable.

The Chair-Pak Evolution

Chair-Pak has evolved over the years, adding quality materials, a series of US patents, new features that have made the product more usable, all while staying true to the original idea.

Chair-Pak Inventor

Les Ammann grew up in Ventura California. From a young age, Les became keenly interested in how things work and how to create solutions for problems. With his inventive mind, mechanical engineering skills and outdoor enthusiasm, Les took on the Chair-Pak project to develop the most comfortable and portable backpack chair as a challenge after witnessing an accident. An avid outdoorsmen, Les uses Chair-Pak for hiking, camping, and watching his kids play youth league sports. Les currently lives in Scotts Valley, CA with his wife and family.