To ensure years of safe enjoyment, Chair-Pak provides the following guidelines for use of our product:

  • Single person usage at a time
  • Do not use on slick or unstable surfaces
  • Chair-Pak is to be used in a safe and sane manner
  • Do not adjust sitting level while sitting on Chair-Pak
  • Do not stand on Chair-Pak
  • Never use Chair-Pak without all components in place
  • Maximum weight limit is 220 pounds
  • Chair-Pak Company or Affiliates are NOT responsible for injury or misuse
  • Failure to follow guidelines may result in serious injury

Chair-Pak - Easy To Use

Chair-Pak, one of a kind backpack/camping chair

Backpack to Chair

  1. While holding top handle loop, pull shoulder straps back.
  2. Either lift up on the elastic band or unlock parachute clip or both depending on which is used & let gravity drop the legs out, place on a stable surface and relax.

Chair to Backpack

  1. Pick up Chair-Pak by top loop handle, lift up and forward on the very back leg and secure with elastic band or parachute clip.
  2. Pull shoulder straps back and place on your back.