To ensure years of safe enjoyment, Chair-Pak provides the following guidelines for use of our product:

  • Single person usage at a time
  • Do not use on slick or unstable surfaces
  • Chair-Pak is to be used in a safe and sane manner
  • Do not adjust sitting level while sitting on Chair-Pak
  • Do not stand on Chair-Pak
  • Never use Chair-Pak without all components in place
  • Maximum weight limit is 230 pounds
  • Chair-Pak Company or Affiliates are NOT responsible for injury or misuse
  • Failure to follow guidelines may result in serious injury.

Chair-Pak - Easy To Use

Chair-Pak, one of a kind backpack/camping chair

Backpack to Chair

  1. While holding top handle loop, pull shoulder straps back.
  2. Lift up on the elastic band & let gravity drop the legs, place on stable surface.

Chair to Backpack

  1. Pick up by top loop handle, lift up/forward on back leg, secure with elastic band.
  2. Pull shoulder straps back and place on your back.

Chair-Pak - Easy To Adjust

Chair-Pak the perfect outdoor chair and backpack

Adjusting Seat Height

  1. Hold hanging seat strap & push in CAM buckle button under the seat.
  2. Pull strap forward to increase seat height or let strap out to lower seat height.
  3. Relax and Enjoy!