Chair-Pak Launches Spring Sale 2016

Chair-Pak Launches Spring Sale 2016

We at Chair-Pak love Spring! So Chair-Pak is offering 10% off in our Spring Sale 2016.  Simply enter promo code “SPRING10”

Join us on your favorite expedition with Chair-Pak!  We can’t wait for the trails to thaw from the long cold winter, getting busy with upcoming opening day or next weeks La Crosse tournament.  Hikers planning that perfect trail to blaze the summit getting all the gear ready for showtime and a super convenient portable chair.

Case in point, we headed a little south today for our all day family hike, my wife had planned this weeks ago, trekking the Big Sur trails around Carmel CA. We packed our  Chair-Pak (a.k.a backpack chair) the night before with snacks, clothes and gear for an early departure.

We have some of the most incredible coast line trails here in California. It is just amazing to us that you can start your hike at sea level  watching a mother harbor seal teach its new born how to swim at the trail head. Then trail walk in a couple of miles through cactus, redwood families, over creeks, blooming meadows and end up a thousand feet up sitting in your Chair-Pak resting from the long hike taking in the silence and looking down at the point you started at on the beach taking in breath taking views.

We love spring so much we would like to offer a SPRING SALE for the month of April. Use “SPRING10” to receive a 10% discount at check out.

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