Surf Fishing and Chair-Pak

Chair-Pak + Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing and Chair-Pak

by Dave Sanfilippo

My passion is surf fishing.  This usually involves a 4 or 5 hour commitment on the beach with a lot of walking.  So a big benefit is to be mobile, you can catch more fish and cover more ground with a backpack instead of a bulky chair.   In surf fishing it’s key to walk the beach and hit the good spots and not stay in one place.  The Chair-Pak gives you that mobility, it allows you to surf cast with it on your back.  It gives you the option of setting it up and sitting down for a rest or just keep walking the surf with it on your back and casting for fish.  Previous to owning the Chair-Pak I had an aluminum back pack chair.  It was too wide on my back and did not allow for casting while it was on my shoulders.  I’d set it on the beach and have to keep an eye on it and not walk to far away.

It is so nice to be able to rest your butt on a comfortable after a few hours working the surf.  Flip it open and rest and watch the sea.  It has more than enough compartments to separate gear, from lunch, and valuables.  The largest part will allow you to stow your catch!  It’s a solid well-made piece of equipment so it should last.

I’ve been looking for something like this for a couple of years now and I I’ve found exactly what I wanted.  The ability to be mobile, surf fish with a pack on my back, and also the ability to easily sit and rest with a flip of the Chair-Pak.

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