Chair-Pak Debuts @ National Demo Day

Chair-Pak Debuts at National Drone Demo Day at Virginia Airport

The Chair-Pak combined with the new FPV Drone Add-On is absolutely perfect for transporting and flying drones “first person viewing” at the field. See video for amazing footage!

No longer do FPV pilots have to carry both a backpack AND a chair. Now they can just pick up one item consisting of both a backpack and a chair, and go!

With the addition of the new FPV Drone Add-On, pilots are now able to neatly fit and organize all of their drone gear into the Chair-Pak (drone(s), batteries, goggles, batteries, cameras, etc). The partitioned separators are customizable and movable to meet the needs of each individual pilot and their specific gear. It’s comfortable to carry and it’s comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. All features and design elements have been thoroughly tried, tested and improved upon by real FPV pilots.

The Chair-Pak combined with the FPV Drone Add-On will forever change how FPV pilots are able to operate at the field!

More on the Drone Demo

A Drone Demonstration (Demo) took place on May 7th at the Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport in Virginia. Special arrangements and permissions were made by the DOAV and FAA. This demo event was open to the public & press and marked one of the first times aircraft and drones had ever been operated simultaneously at a public airport. There were aerial photography flight demonstrations as well as freestyle & racing flight demonstrations. There were live feeds shown on large monitors for spectators during the flights, drones of many shapes and sizes on display, and it was a great place to meet and chat with UAV pilots. It was a great time for anyone even slightly interested in the hobby. The goal of the event was to help lay the groundwork for other events like this in the near future.

Chair-Pak Drone Demo Day