The Long-line, Waiting Neutralizer

The Long-line, Waiting Neutralizer

Ahhh summertime is finally here and what better way to spend a Saturday than in a high paced adrenaline charged Amusement park with your family. That is until you enter the dreaded 45 minute waiting line to get on the next ride. Just when it doesn’t seem like waiting that long was worth it, you get on the 45 second ride and say to yourself “wow that was awesome” and forget all about the line.

Standing in line for a long time, slowly inching forward is exhausting and hard on your feet, that is why Chair-Pak is such a great product for anyplace that has long lines, it actually helps revive you through the line helping you patiently get to the ride; Chair-Pak – The Long-line, waiting neutralizer! Time goes by fast reading a book, thumbing through emails or watching the ride ahead. You have food, extra clothes, bathing suit, lots of hydration and food in the soft cooler, and with us for the 12 hour day; extra battery backup chargers.

Chair-Pak rolls easily through security just like a backpack after waiting in line. The waiting neutralizer easily folds up once in the park and comfortably packs with you everywhere you go. The waiting neutralizer fits into the ride lockers and bins as you get on the ride and there waiting for you upon your return to continue on to the next long-line. We had a great time at the park and a better time in line than all the patrons’ around us who couldn’t stop asking where and how to get a Chair-Pak for their next day at a theme park.

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