Flying Testimonial

Flying Testimonial

by Scott M

Had a chance to use my Chair-Pak yesterday. The quality is great!

It fit everything I normally take with me to the field.  I need to find some way to protect my Taranis though.

I picked up some heavy duty rubber coated ties at Home Depot that are usually used to organize extension chords to attach my quad to the back of the pack. 

While flying the chair is great. I normally use a camping chair with arm rests and I find the arm rests annoying while trying to fly. The absence of arm rest on the Chair-Pak was the thing I noticed right away. It felt so easy to get comfortable while flying. I was able to get so into my flights I forgot I was even in the Chair-Pak to be honest. 

The back rest is recline-able with a friction strap under the seat so you can set it up however feels comfortable to you. When you need to unpack the bag you can fold the backrest down and its easy to get things out or pack it up.

If you are on the fence about getting the Chair-pak GET IT! You can thank me later…lol.

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