Gone Fishing with Chair-Pak

“Gone Fishing” with Chair-Pak

by Jason Balazs

There is nothing better than heading to the lake before sunrise to find that perfect spot. Sometimes, you might have someone in your spot that you usually go to and you might need to move around a bit.  My son and I go fishing in new spots almost every weekend, and we move from around fairly often to increase our chance at the chance for a big on. We bring multiple fishing rods and reels, tackle, tools, towels, a cooler for lunch, and of course a chair and having to carry all that stuff around is sometimes more trouble than it is worth. Sometimes, we just figure we can do without something and end up suffering the whole trip for it. That is when we found the Chair-Pak!

Having a Chair-Pak filled for the fishing trek has been a huge game changer for us; it’s like night and day. Before Chair-Pak, we would suffer through either not having something, or just not move at all. This is not conducive to filling our freezer with tasty trout or monster walleye. With the Chair-Pak, we simply have everything packed in one spot ready to go, whip out the chair, cast and relax; and when we need to move down river to the next stop there was no problem as it is easy to fold and  easily put it on our backs and concentrate on fishing, NOT our stuff. Another BIG benefit is we can even easily cast with Chair-Pak on our back and walk the lakeshore trying to bag the big one.

Chair-Pak is the quintessential gear for fishing enthusiasts; without it, your just hurting your odds at bringing home dinner.

Jason B

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